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  • Let’s Get Organized!


    Laundry and keeping your clothes organized can be very overwhelming tasks sometimes. One of the best ways to keep on top of this is to create a system you know will work for you and stick with it. For example, one thing I know about myself is that I don’t always have the time to put away clothes that I’ve worn once but aren’t dirty enough to wash. Instead of having these clothes pile up on the floor or a chair, I’ve devised a two basket system. In this system I have two laundry baskets. One for dirty clothes that need to be washed and one for those that are not quite dirty and just need to be put away when I have the time. These both sit out of sight on the floor in my closet. This way I am not overwhelmed by the overflowing laundry as I walk in the door of my room, I am reminded to put my clothes away as the basket becomes full, and I have a longer amount of time between laundry loads. Another way to make laundry simpler is to simplify your wardrobe. More on that coming soon. What are some of the ways you organize your laundry?