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  • Worksite Marketing Services

  • At Reynold Jones Insurance Group we have over 20 years of experience in the Worksite Marketing arena. We have created an infrastructure and staff that support the entire process from top to bottom.

    We feel stronger more stronger than ever before that voluntary Worksite Benefits Sales will grow larger every year.

    Voluntary Payroll deduction life insurance plans are a great alternative revenue stream for many group benefit agencies.

    These benefits may be structured with no employer contribution and  the employee may choose to participate with coverage on Self, Spouse, Children & Grandchildren.

    We provide assistance with worksite marketing and help you design a plan to meet your client's needs. Our Voluntary carriers include:

    Texas Life™ | Allstate Financial Workplace Division™


  • The Sales Process

    Worksite Marketing assist you from the beginning to have a thorough understanding of how to communicate and sell various worksite products such as Voluntary Permanent Portable Life Insurance, as well as other supplemental plans. Our long experience in this industry gives us the experience and knowledge to help you with the unique dynamics and common objections that often limit successful worksite enrollments.

    Case Implementation
    Once the employer has made their decision, it is essential that each case be properly set up and the enrollment process be proficient.

    Over the years, our staff has become one of the best in the industry in handling the total administrative process for Voluntary Employee Benefit Plans. Join with us as a team that understands the challenges employers face daily as they offer competitive worksite supplemental plans.

    Voluntary worksite enrollments sales are at an all time high. Recently, The National Underwriter reported that voluntary worksite sales have increased 3.3%. In addition, it is estimated that total 2009 sales of $5.4 billion were up from $5.2 billion for year end 2008.

    One of the exciting aspects of tomorrow is that most sales are first time transactions. Takeover sales, one carrier replaced by a similar plan of another carrier, accounted for 38% of new voluntary sales. Permanent Portable Life Insurance has been the cornerstone to our Worksite Marketing offerings. Our ideal markets include, but are not limited to, school districts, municipalities and counties, hospitals, manufacturing, distribution and printing companies.