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    Whether you are just starting out or planning for retirement, Whole Life insurance is designed to protect you and your family for your whole life. You will gain a sense of security knowing this permanent life insurance can never be canceled as long as you pay the premiums.

    Guaranteed whole life insurance offers a wide range of additional guarantees:

    • Guaranteed premiums remain level and will not increase while the policy is in force.
    • Guaranteed cash values accumulate on a tax-deferred basis allowing you to start planning right away.
    • Guaranteed insurability means that once the policy is in force, your classification will never change, unless it is to your advantage.
    • Guaranteed paid-up values are stated up-front for each policy year so you know where you stand if you should decide to stop paying premiums.


    Whole Life Insurance can meet your needs in a variety of ways. Give consideration to the following:

    • Estate conservation: Guaranteed liquidity to cover estate settlement costs.
    • Business continuation: Guaranteed cash value, death benefit and premiums to finance business needs.
    • Charitable giving: Increased ability to give larger charitable gifts to churches or non-profit organizations.
    • Conversion: Convert your current term insurance to this guaranteed, permanent plan at very affordable rates with no proof of insurability.
    • Impaired risk: Guaranteed premiums for individuals with increased health, occupational or avocation risks.

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    Life insurance is a critical piece of sound financial planning and something that everyone should consider carefully. View the video here to briefly review the key characteristics and concepts of term life insurance and whole life insurance.

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