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  • Financial Security – Peace of Mind – Financial Planning – Life Insurance Plans

    June 3, 2016 | Blog | ReyJon2016
  • Financial Security – Peace of Mind – Financial Planning – Life Insurance Plans

     By definition Financial Security refers to the peace of mind you feel when you aren’t worried about your income being enough to cover your expenses. It also means that you have enough money saved to cover emergencies and your future financial goals.

    Certainly, most would think of Financial Security in relation to where they are currently in life, while others may think of it in relation to where they want to be in their retirement years.

    Have you ever considered Financial Security as it relates to your family in the event that you are not around to provide financially? In the Life Insurance Business we refer to the Life Insurance policies that we sell as instruments that provide peace of mind.

    If you have income needs, mortgage needs and college funds covered by Life Insurance proceeds, you can sleep well at night, knowing that your family will be provided for in the event you have a premature death.

    Term Life Insurance can be purchased for “pennies on the dollar” and often for young families with budgetary constraints, Term Life is a popular choice.  You can access personal term life quotes right here on our website.

    Whole Life Insurance provides life insurance coverage for your entire life. If you are looking for Guaranteed Premiums, Guaranteed Death Benefits and Guaranteed Cash Values, Whole Life is your choice.

    Looking for affordable life insurance?   Guaranteed Universal Life provides a choice that fits in between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance. Guaranteed Universal Life has a Guaranteed Premium to Age 100 as it also provides a Permanent Life Insurance benefit for almost half the cost of whole life. We have the best insurance Agents /  Advisors available to assist you in determining the very best life insurance plan for you and your family.