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  • I received a Newswire from the National Association of Health Underwriters ( NAHU ). For those that are tracking the Affordable Care Act and the impact that it has on all of us may find this blurb and article to be interesting. You may recall that it was a given that without the mandate for coverage the ACA would not work. Understanding that the repeal is on, without the IRS enforcement this would be the proverbial “taking it apart at the seams”! I just hope the Republican plan can turn the ship without sinking it.


    IRS To Pull Back On Enforcing ACA’s Individual Mandate For Coverage.


    The Washington Post (2/15, Goldstein) reports the Trump Administration is making its initial changes to the Affordable Care Act by “reversing plans to withhold tax refunds this year from Americans who flout an insurance requirement in the law.” Under the Obama Administration, the IRS “had announced that it would no longer process tax returns for people who fail to send a notice with their returns that they have insurance, are exempt from the requirement or are paying the fine.” But on Wednesday, the IRS revoked this rule, saying instead that “tax returns will be processed as always, even for individuals who do not provide the required information.”