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  • More than Just a Financial Plan – Living like a minimalist

    May 4, 2017 | Blog | ReyJon2016
  • This could be described as way of life or life style that can impact most facets of our lives including our financial plan. My bend is financial services and life insurance planning, so I think in terms of budgets, saving and investing as it relates to frugal living. Minimalism is a life style choice that encourages the elimination of excess in one’s life.

    This article is more than a financial thought process as it speaks to “being more with less”. Then, “living  with  intention” and finally, “achieving freedom from consumption”.  I can see where several of  these bend toward saving money. That’s a good thing!

    Check out the full article but here is a snippet:

    Write down your goals: You have to start somewhere.  Do you have a financial plan?

    De-clutter all of your belongings: Always a great feeling when completed.

    Donate duplicates: Yes, purge and help someone else.

    Own versatile clothing:  It simplifies life.

    Become more Eco –Friendly:  Personally, I need reminders and need to get better.

    Repeat meals: Mine is oatmeal and dry wheat toast with honey. For variety, add blueberries and pecans in the oatmeal!

    Eliminate toxic relationships: Liberating, freedom and peace come to mind.

    Pack and travel lightly: If you can get it going, it makes life so much easier.

    Remember that experiences are greater than things: There’s always room for improvement here. So True!

    Don’t be too hard on yourself: Let it go. Reminds me of “Let Go and Let God”.

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