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  • The National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors ( NAIFA ) Smart Brief reported that a major reason consumers are shying away from purchasing life insurance is due to complexity in the application process. I do understand that this society is all about point and click then on to the next flash of information or on to the next barrage of daily activities.  Having been involved in the Group Insurance/Worksite Marketing stage of life insurance selling, I know firsthand that people do love simplicity when it comes to making life insurance decisions. Younger and middle-aged consumers will often leave family life insurance needs unmet  and perhaps it is due to lack of simplicity in the application process.

    Employers are shifting more and more to a self enroll model thereby eliminating face to face consultation.  Life Happens notes that 66% Americans under the age of 40 indicated that “purchasing a life insurance policy is complicated.” And 54% of the U.S. adult population feels the same way. Perhaps I am “old school” but what about just meeting with an agent? They can help explain the products and facilitate the application process.

    If you insist you can do it all over the phone and internet but we have Qualified Top Agents that you can talk with about your life insurance needs.  Additionally, we have a very simple application process available. You can get a rate and even start the application process by spending less than 10 minutes. The rest of the process is handled by the pros. It is really streamlined and easy for the consumer.

    Additionally, we have carriers that will underwrite life insurance applications on a non-medical basis, meaning No Medical Exams are required in order to be considered for approval. You can apply and have an approval all within 30 minutes.

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