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  • Universal Life was originally designed for flexibility and to compete with the “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” concept.  Southwestern Life in Dallas, Texas, had fancy marketing pieces that illustrated how a policyholder could utilize the flexible design of these plans. Nice graphs would show how a young family man or woman could buy a large policy in their 20’s and could raise or lower the death benefit as needs changed, raise and lower the premiums as the budget may dictate, as well as extract cash for times of need.

    The early Universal Life plans ideally could be the one policy that could effectively meet the needs of the consumer from beginning to end. Now Universal Life, particularly Indexed Universal Life, policies are geared toward cash value accumulation. One component that the new policies have that older Universal Life policies did not have are the secondary guarantees.

     Personally, I like the Guaranteed UL plans regardless of your objective. If you are wanting to build cash values, many of the Indexed Universal Life plans have Guaranteed No-Lapse provisions built into the plans.

    If you are simply wanting to have a Guaranteed Permanent Life Insurance policy at the lowest cost possible, an ordinary Guaranteed Universal Life plan is the best life insurance plan for you. The Guaranteed UL plans provide a Guaranteed Premium and Guaranteed Death Benefit to Age 100 and beyond.

    Talk with an Agent or Advisor about how Universal Life Insurance can meet the life insurance needs for your family.