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  • January 1, 1997, we started Reynold Jones Insurance Group. It is hard to believe that 20 years have come and gone! We started with just a handful of carriers in 1997 and now represent over 20 life insurance and annuity companies as we are involved in selling term life insurance, guaranteed universal life insurance, whole life insurance and annuities. In addition, a long term cornerstone has been worksite marketing (group life insurance) and particularly Texas Life Insurance Company in Waco, Texas.  We began working with Texas Life in April, 1997, and these people are like family!

    The great blessings for me are the relationships that I have as a result of being involved in such a “people industry”. Life insurance is up close and personal. We have the opportunity to help families in such an impactful way. We appreciate the confidence that our clients, agents and carriers have entrusted us with as we have worked hard to impact all of you in a significant way. So many have impacted all of us in ways that you may never completely know but just know that we appreciate you!

    We have learned a lot and we have many resources that can be of help for our agents and clients. So much is moving into the world of electronic business dealings and we do support those processes.  However, being a baby boomer, I love to be up close and personal, more face to face. So we are here, call and set an appointment if we can help.

    If you simple want to “kick the tires” and get a no obligation Quick Term Life Insurance Quote you can do that by clicking right here  www.QuotesDoneRight.com/ReynoldJones